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Mikel Garmendia, Long Distance World Championships winner

Mikel  Garmendia wins world triathlon title added the ITU Long Distance World Championship to his already impressive resume with a stellar run leg in Vitoria-Gasteiz on Sunday, over the 4km swim, 120km bike and 30km run.

“I’ve never done this race before, has been incredible…there was so many people on the course and it really made the run fast,” Mikel said. “It’s a great day for me and a victory for free2move.org community, it was just awesome….I just want to say thanks to SALTO Systems and free2move.org friends, they really made a difference.” a fantastic victory for Mikel and for the free2move.org Community.

At free2move.org, our goal is to connect and inspire today's handicap community in a positive way, a trusted, meeting point website for a new generation of active, involved people supported by SALTO Systems.

Many thanks to Mikel and to all the free2move.org community for making posible the project. We encourage you to add your comments, place friendly places at free2move guide and to share with your friends.

Paratriathlon Male TRI-5 MIKEL GARMENDIA free2move.org: 08:14:47

SWIM: 01:15:16

BIKE: 03:50:35

RUN 03:01:30



SALTO Bera-Bera Wheelchair Basket & Oairtzun school team exhibition - Lagun Aro GBC

SALTO Systems brought an entire community together over the last weekend for a fun packed day of basketball and wheelchair basket exhibitions at the Donostia 2016 Arena.

The event took place during a professional basketball derby match between LagunAro GBC and Bizkaia Bilbao Basket, with over 10,000 spectators filling the arena to follow the action.

Although LagunAroGBC were defeated in the playoff, the Sunday morning will be remembered for the excitement the match generated as well as the SALTO Bera Bera wheelchair basketball exhibition all taking place within the awe inspiring setting of the Donostia ARENA 2016.

According to official figures provided to the club, the great turnout of spectators shows that the local community really cares about and supports what the free2move.org & SALTO Systems social initiative is all about.

"It's always fun to do these kind of events, to show people what free2move.org & SALTO Systems social initiative is about," says Marc Handels SALTO Systems vice president marketing and sales. "What we're really trying to promote and showcase here is abilities of all levels, not focus on disabilities. Just because somebody uses a wheelchair or somebody has a visual impairment they can still play great sport and in a really competitive environment."

Road to Paralympics: WSF Para-Snowboard World Cup - (GETTING READY)

Orcieres 1850 WSF Para-Snowboard World Championships 2012. WSF Para-Snowboard World Cup circuit 2012 season for Urko Egea (Free2move.org and SALTO Systems Rider). Para-Snowboarders from around the globe will continue with Urko their race for Gold at the next scheduled WSF Para-Snowboard World Cups scheduled to take place at italy and Canada.

"I just ride and if something goes wrong ... especially on this course, I can't get frustrated," said Urko from Orcieres 1850 "I just need today to keep riding and try to smoothen everything out because anything can happen. I'm just glad to be here representing free2move.org movement and thanks to SALTO Systems."

"It always feels great to be back on the World Championship," Urko Egea (free2move.org & SALTO Systems rider) said. "Last year, I went to the Canada and made some mistakes, I was new!"


Free2move.org to create worldwide accessibility Map by SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems new social initiative free2move.org is proud to announce the launch of an innovative "Accessibility Map" project integrating Google Maps and Facebook in one community location called FREE2MOVE GUIDE.

The main objective is to help people with a disability to find easily accessible locations anywhere, in any city. The map will also provide information on facilities that feature barrier-free environments by providing aids such as ramps, hand-rails and non-slip surfaces.
Thanks to this new tool, everyone across the world who joins free2move.org on Facebook, will have the chance to join “FREE2MOVE GUIDE” and help to create and shape a world that’s easily accessible for all, setting a personal example by supporting the handicapped communities’ values of courage, equality, determination and inspiration.

The "FREE2MOVE GUIDE” accessibility map project is unique. It’s the first world wide map to disability friendly locations and barrier-free facilities compiled from data supplied from people everywhere. It’s a tool that can help to ensure everyone can support handicapped people and help change society's attitude towards people with a disability in their country, allowing them to lead a full life, free from barriers or stereotyping.

To participate in the project, just join free2move.org on Facebook or go to www.free2move.org, where you can upload photos of ramps, hand-rails, anti-slip surfaces and any barrier-free environments together with their location. They will then be placed on the "FREE2MOVE GUIDE" on Google Maps, where it will also be possible to vote on issues or make general comments. In addition to this, all new places reported as wheelchair or handicapped people friendly will also be tweeted on twitter free2move.org profile.


To find out more about Free2move.org and the latest news and events of the movement, take a look at this video and consider becoming a friend or fan of the Facebook free2move.org.

Free2move.org: Spirit in motion Mikel Garmendia - Paratriathlete (Episode 5)

Triathlon is a tough, exciting and dynamic sport in which athletes both able bodied and disabled compete, side-by-side, at both the national and international levels. In its sub-disciplines of swimming, running and cycling it includes three of the most prolific and recognisable medal sports in the history of the Olympic Games.

And within this discipline, paratriathlon has the potential to be the fastest growing sport in the Paralympic Movement, and many of the paralympic athletes who take part are becoming inspirational role models for young people all over the world. Mikel Garmendia is one of them.

In this video Mikel relates how following his accident he rediscovered his competitive spirit, his will to win by first taking up skiing and then wheelchair basketball before, finally, taking up the long hard path to become a paratriathlete. He is proof that the impossible can become possible if you want it enough. Inspiration, training and a desire to achieve can overcome almost any obstacle -- just look at Mikel!

Free2move.org: The third half (Episode 4)

SALTO Systems new social initiative free2move.org is designed to let people with access problems speak about and share their experiences.

A variety of projects have been implemented through saltosocial.org, the latest of which is a new initiative called free2move.org. In 2011 SALTO wants to continue working with, support and encourage all those with problems related to mobility and physical disability, especially those within the world of 'adapted sports'.

Free2move.org: Snowboarding Back (Episode 3) Making disabled Snow Sports happen.

Athletes with disabilities have found success in many winter sports, including downhill skiing, Nordic skiing and hockey. Now, kids and adults with disabilities are also experiencing the joys of snowboarding. Urko Egea, believes that "snowboarding is a live experience for disabled people. Snowboarding feeds the freedom on the mountains".

For 2011, SALTO Systems and Urko want to continue working within the world of accessibility and with all those who have difficulties and problems related to mobility. This new project is aimed at everyone involved or interested in adapted winter sport as well as other people with disabilities.

Free2move.org: Battling her way back (Episode 2)

SALTO Systems new social initiative free2move.org is designed to let people with access problems speak about and share their experiences.

A variety of projects have been implemented through saltosocial.org, the latest of which is a new initiative called free2move.org. In 2011 SALTO wants to continue working with, support and encourage all those with problems related to mobility and physical disability, especially those within the world of 'adapted sports'.

This project first began in 2005 when the FGDA (Handicapped Sports Basque Federation) was starting to look at making a wider choice of sports available to its members. The aim was to provide more opportunities to people who wanted to take part in team sports such as basketball. The FGDA then proposed to Club Bera Bera the creation of a new section, the Handicapped Sports section.


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