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Promote handicapped sport as a means of overcoming adapted and social integration.

  1. Promote mutual assistance among physically disabled and non-disabled persons. For example through the www.free2move.org platform and social networks such as facebook and others aim to build an online SALTO Guide, a sort of ‘Michelin Guide’ to places, cities and buildings that are 100% fully accessible to all users.
  2. Act as a focal point to share information on and resolve how to adopt and implement the relevant measures and actions needed to ensure the physically disabled are fully integrated into everyday ‘normal’ life.
  3. Collaborate with all relevant agencies, organizations and associations, building a movement that is open to everyone.
  4. Assist or participate in committees and work with local departments to remove barriers and promote accessibility, education, work and health.
  5. Be a meeting point for those who want to share their interests and concerns with others.
  6. Promote the social inclusion of the disabled in all normal, everyday activities and BREAK DOWN BARRIERS