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SALTO Bera-Bera Wheelchair Basketball

This project first began in 2005 when the FGDA (Handicapped Sports Basque Federation) was starting to look at making a wider choice of sports available to its members. The aim was to provide more opportunities to people who wanted to take part in team sports such as basketball. The FGDA then proposed to Club Bera Bera the creation of a new section, the Handicapped Sports section.

With help from the provincial council and from the Kutxa foundation, the first playing chairs were bought. In September 2005 the team started to train with the first 12 players, who were soon joined by two trainers, a delegate, a coach and a group manager. The first year was spent just training, not competing, since most of the players had never played basketball before, and some had no sports experience at all.

The following year the team began competing in the Wheelchair Basketball National First Division. Initial results were not good, as everyone expected, but it was all good experience and the team just aimed to complete all their games in the league. This they did and the more games they played the better they became, although this is not yet reflected on the scoreboard.

free2move GUIDE to create worldwide accessibility Map

The main objective is to help people with a disability to find easily accessible locations anywhere, in any city. The map will also provide information on facilities that feature barrier-free environments by providing aids such as  ramps, hand-rails and non-slip surfaces.

Thanks to this new tool, everyone across the world who joins free2move.org on Facebook, will have the chance to join “FREE2MOVE GUIDE” and help to create and shape a world that’s easily accessible for all, setting a personal example by supporting the handicapped communities’ values of courage, equality, determination and inspiration.

The "FREE2MOVE GUIDE” accessibility map project is unique. It’s the first world wide map to disability friendly locations and barrier-free facilities compiled from data supplied from people everywhere. It’s a tool that can help to ensure everyone can support handicapped people and help change society's attitude towards people with a disability in their country, allowing them to lead a full life, free from barriers or stereotyping.

Urko Egea: Disabled Snow Sports

Athletes with disabilities have found success in many winter sports, including downhill skiing, nordic skiing and hockey. Now, kids and adults with disabilities are also experiencing the joys of snowboarding. Urko Egea, believes that "snowboarding is a live experience for disabled people. Snowboarding feeds the freedom on the mountains”.

One person that’s taken up this challenge is Urko Egea who at the age of 25 lost the lower part of his right leg in an accident but now, with encouragement from free2move.org, has returned to active snowboarding. Urko, a former student at Deusto University now working for the KUTXA bank group, always loved the mountains and snowboarding was his favorite sport but he thought the activity was lost to him forever.

With the help and encouragement of free2move.org Urko joined a snowboarding club and with training soon made rapid progress. Now he can once again enjoy the freedom of the mountains and earlier this year competed in the world championships in the French Alps coming in a respectable 11th out of 27 competitors.

Paratriahlon : Looking to Paralympics, Rio 2016

Mikel Garmendia - Spain

Mikel Garmendia free2move.org paratriathlete describes the freedom that she feels while swimming, cycling and running. Triathlon is a tough, exciting and dynamic sport in which athletes both able bodied and disabled compete, side-by-side, at both the national and international levels. In its sub-disciplines of swimming, running and cycling it includes three of the most prolific and recognisable medal sports in the history of the Olympic Games.

And within this discipline, paratriathlon has the potential to be the fastest growing sport in the Paralympic Movement, and many of the paralympic athletes who take part are becoming inspirational role models for young people all over the world. Mikel Garmendia is one of them.

As a boy he watched triathlons in San Sebastian with his father vowing that one day, he too would compete in such an event. But fate and a motorcycle accident, in which he lost part of his left leg, put an end to that dream. Or did it?

Martin Falch - Austria

Chasing success in the World championships. 

Phill Hogg - UK

Phil was recruited to Paratriathlon via a British Triathlon Talent IT initiative. He is one on the finest wheelchair racers in the country.

Phil broke his back in 1991 after being involved in a cycling accident. This left him paralysed from the waist down.

His achievements in a racing chair include 3rd at the Bupa Great North Run 2012 and  1st Bupa Great Birmingham Run in 2010,11 and 12. He also has 13 caps as a GB international wheelchair basketball player. PHIL Hogg has the Rio 2016 Paralympics firmly in his sights after winning gold at the European Paratriathlon Championships in Turkey.“I am 100% dedicated to this sport and to have the 100% support of my wife and parents, SALTO Systems and free2move.org social project helps me focus and achieve my goals."

At Free2move.org we are confident Paratriathlon will contribute to the Paralympic Movement and inspire people and youth worldwide.  It has been a long road to reach this milestone but we know the real work begins now for Mikel  to dedicate his efforts to delivering spectacular Paratriathlon competitions in Rio 2016.




Jade Mullin. UK Wheelchair Athlete

Jade was born with Spina Bifida, which affects her lower body from the waist down. Jade hass been selected to compete in the seated shoot. Jade has set her sights on competing in the Paralympics in the future after she was named as UK Tameside Best Disabled Achiever. "