SALTO Bera-Bera round-up of today's other stories in a basketball team (Episode I)

This project first began in 2005 when the FGDA (Handicapped Sports Basque Federation) was starting to look at making a wider choice of sports available to its members. The aim was to provide more opportunities to people who wanted to take part in team sports such as basketball. The FGDA then proposed to Club Bera Bera the creation of a new section, the Handicapped Sports section.

With help from the provincial council and from the Kutxa foundation, the first playing chairs were bought. In September 2005 the team started to train with the first 12 players, who were soon joined by two trainers, a delegate, a coach and a group manager. The first year was spent just training, not competing, since most of the players had never played basketball before, and some had no sports experience at all.