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Welcome to

Who we are

The research, design, development and manufacture of electronic access control products by SALTO Systems is only possible thanks to the creativity and passion of its people. Based in Oiartzun (Gipuzkoa), northern Spain, the company and its partner network now provides a global service to more than 70 countries and continues to grow internationally.

We have offices in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal and UAE. Since our inception in 2001, we’ve built an enviable international reputation for quality and innovation and have installed over 900,000 electronic locks on doors around the world.

At SALTO Systems we believe it’s our responsibility to play a leading role in the social development of our local environment, whether that’s in northern Spain close to our HQ, or around one of our many local offices throughout the world. To do this we focus on social programs and sport, working with those who share our passion to help others and to create cities and buildings that are adapted and accessible for all to use.


People with disabilities face barriers that most of do not even see. Every day at work, at study, at play they can face the frustration of not knowing if the place they want to visit is accessible and adapted to their needs be it an office, factory, library, cinema, theatre, exhibition, sports hall and more. A set of steps or stairs, a missing ramp, a narrow door or an un-adapted bathroom can all be major hurdles to a person with a disability or restricted mobility. This can result in a lack of ability to enjoy the same facilities and opportunities as the more able bodied person.

But things are getting better and improving all the time. Society is starting to think more about the needs of use and access for both the able bodied and those who may have special needs including the elderly and disabled and that’s where free2move.org comes in.

free2move.org Report

Welcome to the 2010-11 free2move,org  Report. Free2move, it’s a initiative supported by SALTO Systems to making a difference in the areas of accessibility, wheelchair sports and handicapped people development and health and wellness. Please take a moment to review our project.

Click here to download and learn more about the work of free2move.org